Choosing A Reclaimed Wood Mantel For Your Decor

Choosing a Wood Mantel

When you’re choosing a new reclaimed wood mantel for your fireplace, the type of the mantel you decide on is crucial to the look or theme you are going for. An easy place to start is to ask yourself if you want the reclaimed wood mantel to be an addition to the décor you have in place, or if the mantel is going to be the centerpiece in the room.

Matching A Wood Mantel To Decor

Mr Timbers offers a large variety of reclaimed wood mantels to suit any type of décor. If you have a rustic, woodsy feel in the room, a weathered antique barn mantel would be a perfect addition. These repurposed wood mantels were cut in the 1880s with a circle saw, and have a gray-brown or brown patina. Choosing a reclaimed wood mantel from Mr Timbers for your projects ensures that you will have a timeless piece of historic beauty as part of your décor.

Reclaimed Wood Mantel As A Centerpiece

If the reclaimed wood mantel you choose will be the centerpiece of your room, then the possibilities are endless! Timber mantels are customizable to fit your fireplace and have a simple elegance for any type of décor dream project. Any of our reclaimed wood mantels are available to be outfitted with earthy wrought iron straps by our blacksmith, adding an old-world style element to the centerpiece of your room.